Her 2006 book, “Eat, Pray, Love,” became one of the best selling memoirs of the modern age and effectively eclipsed her earlier, better work. In addition to making her a fortune 12 million copies in print, plus a movie starring Julia Roberts “Eat, Pray, Love” launched Gilbert into the Oprahsphere from which she hawks inspiring advice and branded lip gloss, T shirts and perfume.When she returned to fiction in 2013, Gilbert shifted her attention to the 19th century and wrote “The Signature of All Things” about a strong willed female botanist making her way in an era of Earth shattering scientific discoveries. It was a daring, invigorating move that forced Gilbert to re explore many of her feminist and romantic themes in a completely different context.Now she has written a third novel, “City of Girls” (Riverhead, 470 pages, $28), and it’s another big work of historical fiction about another independent minded woman navigating the crosscurrents of cultural upheaval.

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